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Island of Kauai - Spouting Horn

Spouting Horn is a Nice Way to Ease into Kauai Sightseeing

After getting settled in our condo and taking a stroll around Kiahuna Plantation, our visitors are often up for an adventure. A little over a mile west on Lawai Rd. is Spouting Horn. By spending just 5 minutes in your car, you can see one of Hawaii's fascinating natural wonders.

Yes, this is a very popular tourist area. You'll probably see tour buses in the parking lot. With that in mind, consider the beauty of a 50 ft. spray of water, shot from a lava tube at sunset. High tides offer the most dramatic views of the horn. (Check tide levels)

We've read folklore regarding Spouting Horn that includes a goddess, a fisherman, a lizard, a dragon and more. Perhaps just listening to the strange sounds of water being forced from the lava will convince you which ancient tale is true.

While you are there, be sure to scan the water for turtles, dolphins, monk seals and whales. Remember to take your camera.

Spouting Horn in LawaiiDriving directions from Kiahuna Plantation: Take Poipu road north and turn left on Lawai Rd. At about a mile you will pass botanical gardens on your right. The next left is Spouting Horn.

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