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Arriving at Kiahuna Plantation

So, you've booked your condo and completed the flight to Kauai. After picking your rental car up at the hut located outside of the (LIH) Lihue airport you are ready to make your way south to Kiahuna Plantation. The drive takes about half of an hour. Many guests do a little shopping at one of the larger grocery stores in Lihue. We personally like to do our shopping in Koloa at Sueoka's (closer to Kiahuna Plantation).

Use our easy driving directions to help you find your way. When you see the large sign on Poipu Rd., you are almost there. Take a left at the second entrance and prepare to take your next right (follow signage to Outrigger office) where you can check-in. This is an excellent time to ask questions, if you have any. The check-in process is simple and the staff is always friendly. At this point you will receive a small map and directions to your condo at Kiahuna Plantation.

Often visitors decide to take a quick walk around after they find their condo. Possibly visit the beach and take note of the barbeques on-site. We also recommend a short stroll through Moir Gardens on the western side of Kiahuna Plantation. This will also help you get your bearings and make for an even more enjoyable stay.

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